Tension Climbing, based in Denver, Colorado,

is one of the absolute insiders of the climbing scene. They are themselves passionate climbers* and manage to unite the climbing community with their climbing holds made of comfortable wood, their training concept and the Tension App.


The Tension Board is designed to provide a unique and specific training experience. The wooden handles and the possibility to use them in different inclinations, as well as the mirrored layout, help you to increase your climbing skills enormously.


By downloading the Tension App, you’ll join a global climbing community, access bouldering accomplished climbers and create your own and climb them on your own tension board.

Tension Board Holds 2.0

Complete set including all PU and Wood Hold and Screws


 - 8x10, with LED 8x10                  6.952,56 € htva

 - 8x12, with LED 8x12                  8.584,04 € htva

- 12x12, with LED 12x12           12.195,30 € htva