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Kilter Board Homewall Layout
The Kilter Board Homewall Layout is available in four sizes: 7x10, 10x10, 8x12 and 10x12 

This board works on any angle betwen 0º (vertical) and 70º overhanging,

and the app records ascents at 5º increments.

If you do build a fixed angle wall, let us know the grade

ranges you are looking for and we'll help you pick an angle that works.

The 7x10 and 10x10 fit in a 2m50 room at a 40˚ angle.


Already a wall from 3875€

 7’x10’ = 2,13m  x 3m high

● Adjustable from 5 to 70 degrees
- 45° inclination with 2,44m high
                                               β— Panels : ultra thick hardwood plywood                                                    with durable polyurethane coating (black or clear)

● Self supporting or Anchored to the floor

(parts for both options delivered with every kit)
● Color of the panels is selectable between Black and Clear
● Assembled weight: 600 lbs
● Shipping weight: 1000 lbs
● Assembly time: 3 to 4 hours
● Requires a flat hard surface
● 1 year limited warranty




7’x10’ = 2,13m large x 3m haut

● Ajustable de 5 à 70 degrés
- 45° d’inclinaison avec un plafond de 2,44m de haut
● Panneaux : contreplaqué de bois dur ultra épais

avec revêtement en polyuréthane durable (noir ou bois clair)
● Autoportant ou avec ancrages au sol

(pièces pour chacune des options fournies avec le mur)
● La couleur des panneaux peut être choisie (noire ou bois clair)
● Poids du mur assemblé : 272 kg
● Poids du colis envoyé : 454 Kg
● Temps d’assemblage : 3 à 4 heures
● Nécessite une surface dure et plate
● Garantie d’un an
● Très peu de maintenance
● Peut être placé en extérieur

Holds packs available with your home wall 7x10

7x10 Fullride

Fullride is full density board,

it contains all Mainline and Aux Holds for a total of 305

unique holds with no duplicates.

Available with or without lights

7x10 Mainline
165 unique holds - no duplicates
Fits in same grid as Kilter Board Original Layout and other Original boards like Moon and Tension
Available with or without lights

7x10 Aux


140 unique holds - no duplicates
Fit the in between spaces around the Mainline grid
Available with or without lights