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Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Composite-X only pack

Kilter T20 Catalogue Set - Composite-X only pack 8215.9 EUR

All Kilter holds made at Composite-X that are part of the IFSC T20 Official Catalogue.

Full set/sku lists at bottom of this page.

Difficulty: Any depending on set

254 Grips      374 lbs

Brushed Sandstone Texture, Granite Texture, Smooth Texture    

Shaped by Ian Powell, Jeremy Ho, Peter Juhl and Keith Dickey

Hardware recommended (not included): bolts x TK, screws x TK

Material: Dannomond PU from Composite-X in Bulgaria

NORTH AMERICA - Kilter Europe is now ships directly from the factory in Bulgaria to you in North America. The holds are pre-discounted and shipping is calculated automatically at check out. 

Colors - Please read our color options page for an explanation of Setter Closet US and Europe color variants and matching.


This pack contains:

Brushed Sandstone Jibs Sets 2, 5, 7, 8, 10; Sandstone Mega Jibs Set 1; Brushed Sandstone Mega Jibs Set 2; Sandstone Medium 2 - Crimps; Sandstone Medium 2 - Incut Edges; Brushed Sandstone XL 1 - Ledges; Brushed Sandstone Kaiju 1-2 Huecos; Sandstone Kaiju 1-2 Ledges & 4-5 Huecos

Granite Kaiju 1-3 Roof Slopers; Granite Teagan XL 1 - Pinches; Stella Granite Large 1 - Puffy Junction Balls

Flo Mega Jibs Set 1 & 2 

Lo Riders Pack (38 - 8 Kaiju, 20 XL, 10 L)

Noah Ledges Pack (40 - 15 2XL, 15 XL, 10 L); Noah Small 4 - Slopey Dishes (10)

Smooth Tufas (47 pieces) 

Full SKU List Kilter T20 Composite-X Only Pack: KX002, KX008, KX010, KX018, KX020, KX022, KX026, KX027, KX028, KX033, KX034, KX035, KX036, KX037, KX038, KX039, KX040, KX041, KX049, KX051, KX057, KX064, KX070, KX074, KX087, KXJH001-KXJH009, KXKD002, KXPJ001, KXPJ002, KXST003, KXST004, KXST007, KXST008, KXST009, KXST018, KXST023, KXST024, KXST025, KXST027, KXST033, KXST035, KXST037, KXST038, KXST039, KXST040, KXST045 (x2), KXST046, KXST047, KXST053